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Blogging Challenge

Activity 2:  Practicing commenting on a class blog

Mrs Smith has published an excellent activity that guides you through commenting, learning to read student posts and practicing comments. Visit Mrs Smith’s I’m New Here post to work through the tasks in her post and then leave a comment on her post. Remember to include the URL of your blog.

Activity 3: Write a post, create a video or create a poster about commenting.

Might be tips to get more visitors,  guidelines for acceptable comments on your blog, examples of good and bad comments – think outside the square. Remember you don’t have to approve all comments. It is your blog; send some to the trash and if it is a company trying to get you to visit their blog to buy something, then label it as spam. Here are some links to commenting guidelines written by students and classes. Class in New Zealand, grade 11/12 class in USA, Huzzah class blog in Canada, Abbey has a blogging guideline page, Mrs Allen created a poster about commenting,  WarriorKat uses lots of visuals in her guidelines,  Sophie had a great post, the Blogging Frogs have some great tips, Emmecreated a powtoon on commenting , Darcey write about commenting,  Kyndal wrote about how to comment, Rachel wrote her own guidelines

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Squishy Circuits – Science

Congratulations boys on completing the science challenge, using sugar and salt play-dough to make a circuit. The Crab Hamburger was very creative.

IMG_0235[1] IMG_0233[1]

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100 WC week 10

…a whistle blew and everyone disappeared…

Things to consider:

  • When and where are whistles blown?
  • What are whistles often a sign of?
  • Why were there a lot of people around?
  • Where did they go?
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Horrible Histories

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Mother’s Day Parody

Its taken me awhile but I finally figured out how to do it. Here is SKP singing their version of “Lot to Learn”. Great job guys it all came together in the end and Im sure all the mums, aunts, nans and other special women your lives appreciated it.

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Art Exhibition

A couple of weeks ago SKP went on an excursion to the Shepparton Art museum and we saw some really interesting pieces of art exploring food and its uses in today’s community.


A google map photo of the slaughter fields in America. The red is all the run-off and waste from the farms.


A whole art work made out of different types of icing. Amazing!


Celebration of food used in Jewish traditions. The 7 circles are 7 different celebrations and the different spices and foods used. The 7th plate with nothing on it represents fasting.

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100 WC Week 8

…as the flame flickered and then went out…

Things to think about:

  • Where is the flame?
  • Why is there a flame?
  • What might be the result of the flame?
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100WC week 6

This week you have five words that must be included in your piece. They can be in any order but they all must be there. You may like to show the words by making them bold or using a different colour so that your readers can see them. They are:

Silence   Orange    Thunder    Pyjamas    Swam

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I’m going to give you real challenge this week! It might seem an easy prompt but you will have to plan your story to make sure you really use it and create a masterpiece.

The prompt is just one word, which has to be in the story and it is:


The key to this prompt is the tension you build around the word. Firstly think about the setting, the characters, whether it is happy / sad. Then you need to plan what happens for you to write ‘suddenly’. I’m really looking forward to reading some spine chilling or funny pieces.



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The prompt is:

…I put my hand in the box and felt…

Close your eyes and imagine doing this:

  • Are you nervous?
  • Do you do it slowly or quickly?
  • What do you touch first?
  • Is it hot / cold/ wet /dry/ soft/hard?

Remember it is a short story 100 words in total.

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